Tell The Story – There once was a…limerick

I was graciously given this fun little challenge to “tell the story” by my always entertaining friend, whom I wish I lived nearer to, The Britchy one of Bitchin’ In The Kitchen

The Eclectic Contrarian started with a photo with which he challenged three people to write about.

So, after a crash course in entomology 101 (ie googling what kind of bug this most resembled), I came up with the following limerick: Britchy…thank you for bringing out this side of me!


There once was a man on some drugs

Who went around soliciting hugs

Little did he know

When he went home with a ho

He was sharing her bed with the bugs


My challenge nominees with the following photo:


Mes Mots

Ragazza Triste – A writer with No Name

*As always, there is no obligation to participate, at the very least just know I was thinking of you

aisle architecture building business
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