It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Finally took a walk down “the strip” in Las Vegas. Well I made it halfway down because I had just as far to go back home. Very strange to walk down a street that’s normally swarming with people, different kinds of music coming from every direction and the smell of food mixed with the lingering smoke of marijuana. Since marijuana is legal here all the tourists toke up as soon as possible after their arrival.

But this day there was none of that. It was quiet and the air fresh. It reminded me of the amusement park in Zombieland.

What have you noticed about where you live since the confinement?

13 thoughts on “It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

  1. I have n’t personally noticed a great deal of difference where l live, it’s just marginally quieter. Suze on the other hand who has been out and about a bit more has said some places ‘were’ quieter than normal, but in the last week more and more people have started flouting the lockdown measures … l think this country will kill itself.

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      1. Well of course the lockdown has made a lot of people view life very differently, and each other and relationships – so yes very true.

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    1. Hey there Rory! I’ve been Covid busy with work, Covid blocked from travel thus not being able to see my husband, and Covid drained of ideas for writing. Needing a little inspiration/motivation.
      How are you?

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      1. Well KK, l wouldn’t know where to start, one big rollercoaster sadly – Buuuuuuuut l am all the better hearing from you and knowing you are safe 🙂 Thank you for coming back to me.

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