Second Verse Same As The First

Again, I want to state that I am not supporting or down playing any dating sites.  I am just sharing my experiences as they happened. After my dating hiatus and African adventure (and dropping 8 pounds) I was ready to try dating again.  This time I had hope that Texas would have more to offer … Continue reading Second Verse Same As The First

Taking the Online Dating Plunge

First of all, let me just say I'm not advertising for any dating organization and what I state here is merely my opinion based on my own personal thoughts and experiences.   Let's back up in time a little bit.  The year is 2007, the year of my second divorce.  Some of you youngsters may not … Continue reading Taking the Online Dating Plunge

Making Dreams Come True

Some people dream about the life they want....some of us live it!! I cannot tell you how many times I've been told "you should write a book" when I've told some little story about my life, my marriages (yes more than one!), dating, family, school and work.  Each chapter of my life has some bizarre … Continue reading Making Dreams Come True