What is your passion? Who’s your first (or ONE) influencer?

I was nominated for this interesting writing challenge by Becky All-Inclusive,  I’m new to her blog site but not to the creator.  This site is pretty cool!  It’s a motivational site to help you find your sexier self!  It hits all the high points, health, nutrition, metabolism, affirmations, self love, sex, and I’m sure there’s even more, as I am still visiting her posts.  Give it a visit!  Thank you Becky All-Inclusive for this special challenge as I got to put into words thoughts I’ve had but never written.


  • Share with the world your #OnePerson story
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  • Humor and quotes are welcome. You can even come up with your own title for the post. And use your own featured image for the post. 
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My #OnePerson

It’s hard to pick just one as I sort of feel there were two people who had a huge influence on my life.   So I’m going to divide it into personal goals and career goals.

Personal Goals


Interestingly enough the person I feel has had a huge influence on my personal goals and achievements is someone I’ve never even met….or if I did, I was too young to remember.  I had this cousin, actually a second cousin because she was my father’s cousin, whom I remember hearing about all during my childhood and teenage years.  I would hear how she was traveling to far away places, backpacking, or doing some sort of work, living in cool places, or just having fun.  Her aunt, my grandmother, would always talk about her as well.  My grandmother further drove these ideas deep into my soul by telling me about different cities, taking me to the opera, the theater, shopping (just looking) at very expensive designer stores, dining at nice restaurants, seeing priceless works of art at the art museum, and so much more.  Somehow, I have to believe that it stuck with me because as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to travel the world and live in cool places and see all the world has to offer as well.  We didn’t “travel” when I was growing up as my mother hated flying and I think she also just hates being away from home.  Our vacations were as distant as we could drive in a day.  My first airplane ride was when I was 22, working at an aircraft overhaul shop.  I went to New York City with my boss’s wife…..which leads me to my second #OnePerson

Career Goals


I had dropped out of college when I was 19 (this whole story will eventually be told) and went to work at an aircraft overhaul shop.  I did the secretarial work, but I also sandblasted the parts in preparation for overhaul.  I also helped with publicity supplies (flyers for plays or classes) for my boss’s wife who was a children’s theater coach/director/instructor.  My boss had a daughter the same age as me who was in college.  One day he asked me why I wasn’t in college.  I told him I had gotten married (Husband #1) and had to drop out of college for financial reasons.  He asked me what I originally was going to school for.  “I wanted to be a doctor” I told him.  He asked if I would go back.  I told him I very much wanted to but would have to wait until I could afford it.  He asked me what I would study if I went back.  I said “I don’t know.”  He asked if I would still try to be a doctor.  I answered “if I tried to do that I would be at least 30 by time I finished!”  He responded,

“Don’t you plan on being 30 anyway one day?  Would you rather be 30 wishing you had done what you wanted to do, or 30 and happy you achieved your goals?” 

At that moment, he took the company checkbook, signed a blank check, and handed it to me.  He told me there was a junior college down the road from our shop, and to go there immediately and enroll in at least one class.  The semester was due to start in two weeks.  I went but, because I did not have my transcripts from my previous courses, I was only allowed to enroll in non-core classes such as sociology or psychology, etc. and all those classes were filled for the evening time slots.  I took the check back to him and told him why I didn’t enroll.  He told me to go back and pick whatever was available regardless of time of day and he would let me leave work to take the class.  That is how I got back into college.  He did the same for me until I finished the coursework in the junior college.   He allowed me to alter my work schedule anyway I needed until I finished college…..and was accepted into Medical School.   He has since passed away.  I am still close to his ex-wife and hope to even see her very soon as things are lining up perfectly for a visit.  I am forever grateful for his generosity.  To this day I look for the opportunities to encourage others to always go after their dreams and I hope I can be as influential to someone as he was to me.


My Nominees:



Ragazza Triste

*As always, no obligation.  XOXO


Photo credit: Pixabay

26 thoughts on “#OnePerson

  1. Cool. Thanks a lot for participating. Is it okay if I read after lunch? I have to cook now aaaaaa :)) But Im ON IT… I get back here to comment!
    Also: I didn’t get your pingback, because you linked to my page URL, it works only if you link to the post url. But no worries, I saw it anyway in the Reader 🙂

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      1. No problems:)) just sometimes can disappear in this WP-Reader, because on this account I follow about 2000 peeps.
        But now I read..and WHAT A STORY!!! I mean, isn’t it a bit like a fairytale? U r def fortunate and lucky to meet such people on your life-road!! Great story and great share ❤️👍👍👍

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      2. Thank you so much!!! Despite the hardships, my life is like a fairytale. Wait, there are always hardships in fairytales too! I realize how blessed I am and really want to inspire people to keep on reaching for what you want. Thanks again for reading and for commenting. 😙

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  2. Reblogged this on raynotbradbury and commented:
    I’m going to reblog this amazing and cool REAL story because we all want to believe in the fairytales! Thank you for the participating in this #tag! If anyone would like to share #OnePerson who helped or inspired – go ahead, grab the challenge and have fun!

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