Sunshine Blogger Award


I am so honored to be nominated for this award by the amazing  TalesFromtheMindofKristian.   He is a tireless writer who offers so much to our blogging community!  He writes short stories, poetry, and a myriad of challenges such as word prompts.  He has been writing a murder mystery which has my full attention.  Follow this link to see his first post for it, you will LOVE it! The Start of It

The Rules

  1. Thank the person that nominated you. (Thank you so much Kristian!)
  2. Link the post back to them.
  3. Display the picture on your post.
  4. Answer their questions.
  5. Nominate 10 bloggers.
  6. Provide 11 questions for your nominees.

The Questions:

  1. Name a place you want to go to but never have been?    As much as I’ve traveled all over the world, I’ve never been to Italy!  I really want to go there and have a romantic getaway with French Charming….soon (hint hint 😉)
  2. What is an ideal vacation/holiday for you?   I love traveling to a new place, with my love or a great friend, seeing as much of the sites, architecture, and culture that I can experience.  Even though I have food allergies, I do love trying different foods as well.  I’ve never been one to just bake on a beach.
  3. What is one thing that you have learnt since starting your blog?  I’ve learned SO MANY things!!  How do I choose just one?  I’ve learned that blogging is work!  My hats go off to all of you who post daily, even multiple times daily!  I’ve learned that I have to just do what I’m capable of and not compare myself or my work to others, just be true to who I am.  I love sharing my little stories.  If I can make a few people smile then it is all worth it!
  4. If you could invite three historical figures for dinner, who would you choose?  Being a bit of a science nerd, I think I would love to sit down and listen to Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, and Stephen Hawking.  Imagine the wealth of knowledge in one room!  I would hope to be sponge and soak up just the tiniest fraction, one molecule, of their intelligence!
  5. If you could wake up tomorrow in someone else’s body and for 24 hours be that person, who would it be and what would you do?  I think I would like to be Julianne Hough for a day.  I would like to wake up being in great shape and knowing how to ballroom dance like a professional (I love ballroom dancing) just so I could see how it feels.  I think that would give me super motivation to work harder once I was back in my own body.
  6. If you’d just met someone who interests you, what’s the question you would most like to ask them?  I suppose that would depend on what kind of interest I had.  If it were someone I just found intriguing for some reason, I would probably ask them something based on why I was intrigued.  For example if I loved their unique fashion, I would comment on it and ask if they designed it themselves.  If I found them attractive (and was single and wanting to meet them) I would just probably say “hi” like I did with French Charming.  
  7. You’ve just found a small amount of cash in the street and no way to find it’s rightful owner, what do you decide to buy with it?  I’ve actually had a kinda similar thing happen and want to write a post about it.  For me, if I haven’t earned the money, I don’t want to be selfish with it.  So, I would donate it, or buy necessities for someone in need.
  8. Where were you this time last year?   This very week last year was when Hurricane Harvey flooded Houston.  I spent the week trying to get home (Bordeaux – Paris – Atlanta- Chicago – Houston).  My flight from France was diverted to Atlanta.  I knew it would be days before the airports opened so I went to Chicago to stay with a friend.  When I finally got to come back to Houston, it was horrible how much of the city was flooded.  You could see just the roofs of houses sticking out of the water in places.  I had been gone for a few weeks so I needed to buy groceries.  I went to three stores before I found one that stayed open long enough because there was a city wide curfew, so everything closed up early.  At the store, there were signs about how there were limits on milk, bread, etc.  You could only buy one of each item.  The lines were long.  It was a sad time for the city of Houston which still hasn’t recovered fully.
  9. Where would you like to be this time next year?  I have an idea, but I can’t say right now.
  10. Name someone you admire and what you admire about them.  I don’t think I can name just one person.  I admire people who give of themselves, their time, their energy, to help others.  I know so many people I can say that are this way and I strive every day to be more like them.  I admire generosity.
  11. How long on average do you spend per day reading other people’s blogs?   I spend anywhere from 30 minutes (if it’s a busy work day) to a few hours or more (on a day off).  I wish I could just read non-stop.  I follow so many amazing bloggers and keep finding more everyday!

My Nominees:

The Purple Almond

Becky All-Inclusive

The Haunted Wordsmith

A Voice from Iran

Curiosity – Start Something


* As I always always say, there is no obligation to participate.  At the very least just know I respect your blogging and wish to share it with everyone!  XOXO Kkatch

My Questions:

  1. What was your motivation to start blogging?
  2. Forget about reality, statistics, or likelihood, if your blog totally took off the way you dreamed, where would it ultimately go?
  3. A little old woman approaches you wanting to read your palm and says she can tell you your future.  How do you feel and would you let her?  Why or why not?
  4. One of your old, old eccentric relatives with a secretive past dies and leaves a painting to you that they painted themselves.  You notice a little tear in the canvas.  Do you pull it further to see if there is something hidden or leave it alone to preserve the painting?
  5. You are in a rather nice department store, you see a coworker shoving expensive lingerie into her purse.  Do you do anything?  What and why?
  6. When you have a day off and have several things to take care of, how do you prioritize and arrange the order of the tasks? 
  7. What article of clothing have you had that seemed to always bring you good luck?  Do you still have it? 
  8. Do you believe in ghosts?  Why or why not?
  9. Have you ever completely misjudged a person?  If so, how did you discover the truth and did it affect your relationship with that person for good or bad?
  10. What is the bad habit that others do that completely annoys you?  For example, I can’t stand to hear someone speaking and using the word “like” every 3 or 4 words.  “Like I was eating my lunch when she came up and like started talking and like….”
  11. Pick one word that best describes you as a person.

Thank you again Kristian, talesofthemindofkristian!


31 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. That was fun! I absolutely loved Verona and Pisa if you get to go to Italy! Rome is manic, Venice is fun but it stinks to high heaven- go for Carnival! The Amalfi coast is gorgeous too and Turin is fun – you’ll love it!

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