Making Dreams Come True

IMG_0172Some people dream about the life they want….some of us live it!!

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been told “you should write a book” when I’ve told some little story about my life, my marriages (yes more than one!), dating, family, school and work.  Each chapter of my life has some bizarre irregularities.  That’s not to say it’s not the same for everyone.  After all, what is normal?  In my line of work each day is a new experience with a different group of people.  Many know me now as I’ve been at the same place for 5 years.  Each day at least someone asks about my latest adventure or my love life.  I knew there was no way I would ever be organized enough to write a book, but one friend suggested I write a blog.  What a brilliant idea!  This way I can write the little stories included in each chapter of my life without having to stay in sequence.  I’m not sure exactly where to start so I’ll tell you who I am and over the course of my stories you’ll understand how I became who I am.

I’m a forty something year old woman, a physician, a world traveler, a divorcee x 2, an occasional cynic, and a hopeless romantic.   I didn’t really grow up watching or reading fairytales as my mother was widowed twice by the time I was seven years old.   That will be part of the “how I became who I am” story.   I did know from a very young age exactly what I wanted out of life: to be a doctor, to live in a big city in a high rise, to drive a convertible, to travel the world, and eventually to find my Prince Charming.  I’m not sure how I knew this as no one in my family was in medicine, we lived in a town with a population less than 2000, and my parents (my mother remarried and husband #3 totally stepped into the role of “Dad”) never traveled any farther than they could drive in the daylight hours of one day.   Nevertheless, these were my dreams, and I made them all come true even though it took me nearly 40 years with many obstacles potentially derailing my course.

It’s difficult to know where to start.  The early “stuff” is a bit sad but motivating.  The latest “stuff” is truly finding “happily ever after” ie finding French Charming.  I think something many can relate to is the middle “stuff” that led me to French Charming…..duh duh duh… dating!!!  (Cue music from “Psycho” – the shower murder scene)

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