A Dating Hiatus

After the E-Harmony fiasco and a bad boyfriend, I decided maybe dating was not for me.  I went into dating hibernation and instead moved across the country and started a new job.  That took up a bit of my time.  I started the new job in Houston, TX in March.  This meant I had new people, new hospitals, new charting and medical record systems, a new apartment, new city, new places to shop, new places to eat, etc.  Starting a job after the new year had started also meant I had no vacation time until later in the year, after the busy months of summer.  My first break was at the end of September.  I had two weeks off but none of my friends had the same vacation time.  I certainly did NOT want to do a “stay-cation” so I did what anyone would do (or not) with two weeks off alone!  I went to Tanzania and went on safari in the Serengeti for a week and then climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro.  Was it like “Eat, Pray, Love”?  No!  I did eat very healthy as there was no snacking or junk food.  I prayed I wouldn’t be attacked by a buffalo, lion, or leopard and that I would make it to the top of the mountain, and back down.  I loved everything about the experience, nature, making new friends.  I also loved that I had dropped 8 pounds and came back feeling good about myself and ready to attempt dating again.


2 thoughts on “A Dating Hiatus

  1. That sounds like an amazing adventure, I would love to go to Africa. I am really enjoying reading your dating posts… I can absolutely relate, as I met my husband online, after being basically single until I was 40. Thanks for sharing your interesting tales. Sahara.

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    1. I highly recommend the trip to Africa! So much fun!
      I guess once we reach our 40s we know what we want, we’ve already dated what we don’t want, and we realize the value of time and quit putting up with crap!! Yay for us!!!!

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