Second Verse Same As The First

pexels-photo-619419Again, I want to state that I am not supporting or down playing any dating sites.  I am just sharing my experiences as they happened.

After my dating hiatus and African adventure (and dropping 8 pounds) I was ready to try dating again.  This time I had hope that Texas would have more to offer since everything is bigger in Texas, right?  It was some random evening, I was up late watching tv and a commercial for appeared.  Was it a sign?  Okay, why not?  I gave it a shot.  More pages of questions.  Who am I, size, shape, education, career, income, hobbies.  What am I looking for, size, shape, education, career, income, hobbies, age range, etc.  I had hope since I could put filters in for things I did not want, specific ranges for everything.  What I didn’t realize is that while I could put filters in for what I wanted, it didn’t necessarily keep those who fell outside my desired parameters from contacting me if I met their criteria!  Let me just say that opening my email from match each day was a little like opening a jack-in-the-box.  You know what is going to happen, you still open it, and it scares you every time.  How many dates did I get for my time and effort on  ZERO!!!  I even cancelled my trial subscription before my three months had finished after I was “catfished” and called him out on it (stay tuned for that story too). By this time I was thinking I was un-datable.  That’s when a friend told me about Tinder.

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