The Woes of Moving

Hey awesome bloggers!! I wanted to drop a quick note to say 1) I haven’t forgotten you, 2) I haven’t abandoned my writing, and 3) I will be back and at it soon!

Finding French Charming will be coming at you (here) from a new location (where my laptop will be) – Vegas baby!!!

Moving must be like childbirth: painful, seems like it takes a lifetime, and your body never quite recovers from it!



13 thoughts on “The Woes of Moving

  1. Great to hear KK, that explains a lot, l emailed you a couple of days ago to make sure you were still in the land of the safe – look forwards to your return 🙂

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    1. Oh yay!!! I have to go read it!!! One more week until my furniture leaves. I will arrive at the new destination 2 days later. My furniture won’t make it for a week. I imagine I’ll have lots of time to write as I won’t have tv or boxes to unpack for a few days.

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