FOWC – Extra


What a great word!  It can be an adjective – “extra income”, it can be an adverb – “work extra hard”, it can be a noun – “the price is final, there are no hidden extras”.

The definition according to Oxford: added to an existing or usual amount or number

{This makes me then question “extra small” – is it an oxymoron?  There is less material, not more, to make an item extra small.}

There’s the Urban Dictionary definition of extra – over the top, excessive, dramatic behavior.  “Everyone in class was supposed to talk 5 minutes on their topic, but Anna made a powerpoint presentation with animation and music.”

When I think what extra means to me, I think of the extraordinary trips I’ve taken, the extraordinary people I’ve met, and the extra special man in my life who inspired me to start writing a blog and meet extra talented people here.

Have a wonderful day everyone!



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